SWRPG - The Temple of Shi’ran Dah Part 1

Episode 6 June 28, 2020 NaN
SWRPG - The Temple of Shi’ran Dah Part 1
Star Warriors
SWRPG - The Temple of Shi’ran Dah Part 1

Jun 28 2020 | NaN


Show Notes

150 years after TROS. There hasn’t been rumors of a Sith since Palpatine was finally destroyed. The Skywalker name is synonymous with light-side force users. This is a great time for the people of the galaxy, and an even better time for gangsters, syndicates, and nefarious groups who would prey upon the people without the watchful eye of a ruling power. Your group also takes advantage of these prosperous times. They’ve been working together for some time now and their next adventure takes them to the planet of Kaldeen, where local crime boss and notorious gangster Rodia the Hutt has their next mission. 

Enter the first episode of the Star Warriors RPG - The Temple of Shi’ran Dah. If you're a fan of Star Wars (you're listening right?) and RPGs, then this is the episode for you as the gang takes a trip to a galaxy far, far away and you experience a FULL roleplaying session.

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