Marvel Comics - June 2022

Episode 40 July 17, 2022 01:07:39
Marvel Comics - June 2022
Star Warriors
Marvel Comics - June 2022

Jul 17 2022 | 01:07:39


Show Notes

Rocco and Chris are your New Hope when it comes to talking all about the Star Wars comics from Marvel! Crimson Reign wraps up and we are excited for the final chapter in Charles Soule's trilogy, The Hidden Empire, starting in October. This will be the last show for a month or so and we will be back in the Fall with more Star Warriors Marvel Comics!

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News from the HOLONET

Obi-Wan Kenobi 2

Star Wars 24

Darth Vader 23


Bounty Hunters 23

Doctor Aphra 21

Crimson Reign 5

Star Warriors RPG comic featuring D&D 5E modules and more! Check out the Kickstarter! 


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