Star Wars Rebels

Episode 9 September 04, 2020 NaN
Star Wars Rebels
Star Warriors
Star Wars Rebels

Sep 04 2020 | NaN


Show Notes

The Star Warriors are back with another podcast featuring your favorite sci-fi franchise from that galaxy far, far away! In this episode the Warriors talk all about Star Wars: Rebels! If you're a fan of the show you won't want to miss this episode! 

Star Warriors Podcast
Episode IX : Rebels

OPENING - From the grassy plains of Lothal to the World Between Worlds, THIS IS the Star Warriors Podcast!

Rebels was the successor to The Clone Wars but it was also Disney's first slice of the Star Wars pie. Starting in 2014, it ran for 4 seasons and a total of 75 episodes, ending in 2018. Today we are going to talk all about what Star Wars Rebels means to us and for that, as usual, I have some of my favorite scruffy looking nerf herders on the air! Joining me today are…

Ruben, Moses, Casey, Jake & Rocco.

What did you like more (or less) about Rebels in comparison to The Clone Wars?

Favorite character and why?

Thrawn was a big addition from the EU to Disney canon, were you familiar with the character from OG Zahn trilogy and how did you like his transition? If you didn't read EU, you can talk about thoughts on new canon Thrawn.


Favorite episode(s)/arc and why?

The World between Worlds. To abstract for Star Wars? Do you think it will play a role ever again?

Where and when do you think we will see our heroes (and villains) again?


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