Darth Vader

Episode 10 October 30, 2020 NaN
Darth Vader
Star Warriors
Darth Vader

Oct 30 2020 | NaN


Show Notes

From the sand, SANDY dunes of Tatooine, to the funeral pyres on Endor, this is the Star Warriors Podcast!

There is little to no doubt that Darth Vader is one of the most influential villains of all time. Today we are going to discuss the character through the different media's and to do that I've brought back my favorite scruffy looking nerf herders!

On the show today: Rocco, Jake, Colin & Moses

1. Who was Vader to you growing up? Reflect on the character, your intro to him, his influence, etc.

2.Favorite Vader SCENE from Star Wars movies. Why?

3. 40 years of ESB. Darth Vader's world and motivations changed in this film, how did this affect you and the way you viewed the story of Star Wars? 


4. Favorite Vader "scene" outside of the movies? Why?

5. Should Anakin (ghost or whatever) have shown up in the sequel trilogy somehow and how would you have wanted that to play out?

6. WHAT IF?! Anakin had not turned to the Darkside. How would you picture the altered events?


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