Disney Investor Day 2020

Episode 11 December 22, 2020 NaN
Disney Investor Day 2020
Star Warriors
Disney Investor Day 2020

Dec 22 2020 | NaN


Show Notes

From enjoying Disney+ on the couch to munching popcorn in the theater, this is the Star Warriors Podcast!

Disney recently held their investor day 2020 and we are still recovering from the epic slew of shows and other announcements. We got some pretty exciting news to talk about and today to break it all down, I've brought back the galaxy's favorite scruffy looking nerfherders!

New shows announced:
The Acolyte
Rangers of the NR
A Droid Story


HC joins Obi Wan
The Bad Batch/Andor first looks
Rogue Squadron Patty Jenkins
Taika Watiti Speculation

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