The Rise of Skywalker

Episode 2 December 31, 2019 NaN
The Rise of Skywalker
Star Warriors
The Rise of Skywalker

Dec 31 2019 | NaN


Show Notes

Welcome Towelites, to the Star Warriors Podcast!

**Please excuse the quality of the first half of this podcast. We are currently working on finding a better solution as we record with our friends across the continent. Thank you for listening!

A round-robin discussion on all things Star Wars featuring the hosts of your favorite podcasts such as Towelite Talk, CriticalMass Podcast, Ruben Romero, Colin Pazik, Mental Fogcast, and more!


Who's on the show today? 

How did you feel going into the movie compared to walking out? 

Did the close out of the Trilogy do proper justice for the new characters? (Not including Rey and Kylo). 

The lightsaber battle on the Death Star. Yay or Nay? How does compare with what we've seen? 



Ben Skywalker's redemption. Thoughts? 

Rey Skywalker - Did Rey have a good closing to her story arc? 

If you could change/add one thing? 

Score out of 10 


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